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Mar 1, 2009

To the soul of Yunus

Once the heart has found You,

Would it ever remember another?

Once it has burned in Your fire,

Would it ever burn in another?

Only those who have found You

Are purified in an incessant flow;

Satisfied with Your love,

Would they ever be content with another?

You gave being to the universe,

All life emanates from You.

Having found Your ocean,

Would they ever dive into another?

Your Name is recited everywhere;

It is the cure for the ailments of the soul.

Once having truly believed in You,

Would they ever assume their Lord to be another?

Absorbed in awe at Your beauty,

On the path of love,

Once having tasted the honey from Your comb,

Would they ever taste another?

Once having discovered You,

Hastening towards and meeting You,

Having entered Your sanctuary,

Would they ever seek another?